Ambassador-class Starship

The Ambassador-class starships are a heavy cruiser variant.

The class was a design that seems to bridge the Excelsior and Galaxy classes. By the time of TNG, the Ambassador class is an older class of starship.

Technical Specifications

Size1720 x 929 x 335 ft
Weight3.7 million tons
Crew320 officers, 1000 crew
ArmamentFore & Aft phaser banks and photon torpedoes


Ship NameShip NumberAppearance
USS AdelphiNCC-26849The crew of the Adelphi was the first to make contact with the Ghorusda planets.
USS EnterpriseNCC-1701-CIn an alternate history, the USS Enterprise was destroyed while commanded by Captain Rachel Garrett while defending a Klingon outpost from Romulans.
USS ExcaliburNCC-26517Commanded by Captain Mackenzie Calhoun, was part of the blockade during the Klingon Civil War.
USS ExeterNCC-26531Commanded by both Captain Elizabeth Shelby and Captain Alexandra Garbeck, this ship also participated in the Dominion War.
USS GandhiNCC-26632Thomas Riker served aboard the USS Gandhi.
USS HoratioNCC-10532Commanded by Captain Walker Keel, this ship was destroyed by aliens in an attempt to take over Starfleet Command.
USS ValdemarNCC-26198This starship appears in the Cardassian Demilitarized Zone.
USS YamaguchiNCC-26510This ship was destroyed by the Borg.
USS ZhukovNCC-26136Lt Barclay served aboard this ship before transferring to the Enterprise.
USS Loma PrietaNCC-26848-AThis ship was the flagship for Admiral T’Nae.

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